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How much thought did you put into selecting the trash cans for your home? If you’re like most people, then you probably thought about it very little. For a household object that is so important to keeping your home neat and tidy, it is surprising how few people do research before making a purchase. One trash can decision you should definitely give some extra thought: size.

When it comes to trash cans, size definitely does matter. An overly large trash can will take up valuable floor space in a room and have more volume than you really need. On the other hand, a trash can that is too small can end up overflowing and will need to be emptied constantly. Go with the Goldilocks standard on this—you want your trash can to be “just right.”

Figuring out what size trash can your home needs can feel like a math problem. There are a lot of factors you need to consider, but it is a problem worth solving. Choosing the right sized trash can will help you keep your home cleaner and more organized.

When selecting the right sized trash cans for your home, here are five things you should consider.

TeeHoo Tell You How Selecting Trash Can Size for Your Home & Kitchen

1. What Room Is It For?

Most households have their largest trash can in the kitchen, as that is where the most trash is usually created. Bathroom trash cans will likely be very small because they have to fit in a small room, and minimal trash is created there. Other trash cans are often placed in bedrooms, garages, or offices, and can be slightly larger.

While the exact sizes will vary due to the other factors in this list, generally a bathroom trash can will be around 4 gallons, a bedroom or office trash can will be 7–10 gallons, and kitchen trash cans tend to be 12–16 gallons.


2. How Many People Live In Your Home?

The number of people who live in your home is a big factor in how much trash you create. A family of six or more is probably going to create more trash than two or three people living together. The more trash you create, the larger the trash can you ultimately want.

Empty nesters or young couples can likely get by with 7–10 gallons for their main trash can. A family of four will want to size up to 12–16 gallons to avoid taking out the trash too frequently. A large family or a house shared by more than four people may want to size up to 20–30 gallons for their main waste receptacle.


3. How Much Trash Do You Create?

If you have a compost pile, or if your city picks up compost curbside, then you likely produce a lot less trash than someone who puts all of their food waste in with their regular trash. If your trash company doesn’t offer recycling pick up, then you probably create a lot more trash than the average person. (We strongly encourage those who do not have curbside recycling to find a recycling center to drop their recyclable materials off at.)

If you compost and recycle, then a 7–10 gallon trash can should be sufficient for the other miscellaneous waste you create. If you put food waste in with your trash, then you should size up to 12–16 gallons. If you throw food, recyclables, and trash in the same bin, then a 20–30 gallon trash can will be appropriate.


4. How Much Space Do You Have?

In a small kitchen, a large trash can takes up valuable floor space and gets in the way. While a small trash can is helpful for reclaiming floor space, it limits how large your trash can is allowed to be. It is important to keep in mind where you want to put your trash can and how much space you have before purchasing it.

An attractive stainless steel trash can adds to a larger kitchen’s decor and fits easily in a corner if it is between 12 and 16 gallons. If space is no issue at all in your kitchen, then a large 25–30 gallon trash can may fit nicely next a kitchen island or in a pantry.

5.What Size Kitchen Trash Can Is Right For Me?

The right size kitchen trash can depends on a number of factors, but most importantly, picking the right one is going to pivot around two factors--how much trash you’re going to be producing, and where the can is going to go.

· How much trash are you producing? If you’re cooking a lot at home, it’s really easy to start producing tons and tons of waste, so you’re going to want a solid can that can handle problems without leaking, and also you’ll want one with a lid (more likely than not), because you don’t want any odors making their way into your kitchen.

· You can choose our TeeHoo trash can,which is in good quality and best price,different capacities and colors let you choose!


Where is the can going to go? It depends on where you’re going to be placing the can and you need to make sure it fits. If you don’t want it to be too tall, then its height needs underneath your sink.

All our pedal bins can fit the kitchen space very well. If you are looking for kitchen bins, come and ask TeeHoo, we can send you our best advice.

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